Really Good Links

For a Really Strange Experience, and a touch of the Supernatural go to
This web sit covers the Supernatural, we have watched the TV show and find it entertaining enough, It's not the X-files by-any-means, but who really knows anyway?

Try this one click here Spiralism we hope that this link works because this is some really rad stuff,
probably one of the best optical illusions that we have ever seen.

Other optical illusions we have found on some of our web searches Click Here

Well if you like really cool backgrounds and wallpaper this is the place for you, try this one this would be the place for you, they have the coolest backgrounds, click here for a sample just right click on this image to set it as wallpaper.

For up to date TV scheduling try this link ,you might have to put in your zip code but it will be well worth it.

Do you want maps? you can try Map quest at for driving directions, maps, and other useful things.

We're so close to New Mexico and plan a trip there next Spring, but you can't think about Roswell without thinking UFO's or Aliens so here's a link

  I guess that no site would be complete without a link to the fox channel web site so here it is,

  This link is really a nostalgic link for me because I still have the 1964 editions of Popular Mechanics
Do it yourself encyclopedia set my dad left me so here's a link to Popular Mechanics.

  I do have an affinity to popular science, so I should really link to their web site Popular Science.