Dining in Durango Colorado

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  This site will give you a guide to dining in Durango Colorado, You will find useful links to restaurants in the Durango Colorado area. Coming Soon Durango Menu Review

  Recently we ate at a small restaurant in Durango that was recommended to us by a local teacher, She said to try the College Drive Cafe, this is a really small restaurant that primarily caters to the college students from FLC, for a very reasonable price, the food is great the service was definitely good and the overall atmosphere was good. When you get there just sign in across from the front counter and be prepared to eat.

 What Durango dining experience would be complete without the Durango Diner, the food here is really awesome and the place is always packed, Green Chili's are definitely an option, they are on the web, here's a link. DurangoDiner.com.

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