Anasazi Ruins 2001


The Anasazi Ruins and Mesa Verde National Park

The Ruins of the Anasazi Indians at Mesa Verde, Are a true experience for someone visiting Durango Colorado, See the Ruins.

The Anasazi Indians of Colorado, Meaning the "Ancient Ones", The Anasazi Indians of Southwestern Colorado settled along the Four-Corners area. The Anasazi were Wanders and Gatherers, and moved around following game and food sources, they started horticulture and focused on Maize, Anasazi corn was small kernelled and purple in color.
Because of the Horticulture the Anasazi Indians managed to settle in Colorado.

Mesa Verde has the most impressive ruins, The Cliff Dwellings of the Anasazi are still a major attraction when people visit Durango, Colorado. Here's a Serious Link to a website that we have found that will give you research information CLICK HERE.
There is a great museum in Mesa-Verde National Park, and people can stand in and walk amongst the ruins.

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