The Strater Hotel Durango Colorado

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The Strater Hotel, Durango Colorado Museum, Durango Historic Landmarks, Down town Durango, See the inside, and see the history of this beautiful Hotel

Henry H. Strater wanted to build the biggest and best hotel in the west, with a total of $70,000 dollars The Strater Hotel was created in 1887.

During the winter months local town folks would stay there, closing their own homes, each room had a wood burning stove.

As a social gathering place The Strater Hotel was the place, Louis L'Amore stayed there and wrote on numerous occasions staying in a room above the Diamond Belle Saloon, room 222 can still be stayed in by the guests.

Ambiance at the Strater is set by its Victorian Charm, Earl and Jentra Barker began renovation, current president Roderick Barker, son of Earl & Jentra has continued the project.

History of the Strater

1887- Henry Strater borrowed $70,000 and built the the original structure, with 376,000 local red clay bricks.

1888- With 50 rooms the Strater House opened each room has a wood burning stove, but lack of experience by Henry left no rooms with a closets.

Henry leased the hotel to H.L. Rice and ran the Strater-Thorpe Drug Company, the company was located where The Diamond Bell is located.

1893- The Columbian was built after a misunderstanding between Mr. Rice and Henry over the lease of the pharmacy.

1893 Both Hotels were lost to McBeth Brothers, Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, the safe built in 1888 is still in use in the front office Henry moved from Durango.

1902- Charles E. Stilwell who became owner and manager for many years joined both hotels under one lease.

1926- Mr. Earl Barker Sr. along with local business owners purchased the Strater becoming stockholders.

1938- an addition to the Strater the Back-Forty was added by managers Mr. Barker & Mr. Stegerburg joined the west side of the building.

1953- Earl Barker Sr. President of Burns Bank purchased the hotel stock and turned it into a family business, he then turned management over to Earl Barker Jr.

1957-Starting in the basement Earl Barker Jr. and wife Jentra revitalized the hotel, Earl turned the area that housed the Colorado Employment Office into the Diamond Bell Saloon despite his fathers wishes.Earl Jr. felt it was easier to gain forgiveness then permission did this while his father was on vacation.

From the 50's to the 70's the Facilities were upgraded.

1963- The Victorian trend for the hotel began with a bed found while on a convention by Jentra Barker, the bed is currently in room 322. the Strater has a collection on American Victorian furniture known for being the largest in the nation.

1968 Earl Barker Jr. Became owner and renovations continued.

1983- Rod Barker is the third generation president of the Strater Hotel, Rods accomplishment are the renovation of the Pullman Banquet Room, the Lobby, and Office Spiritorium, keeping with family tradition of forgiveness Vs tradition, Rob renovated the 94th guestroom into a Jacuzzi while his father was on vacation in Arizona.

Strater entrance

Strater Room

Victorian room in the Strater Hotel